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Nano Mould Technology

Replaces Steel with

Nano-coated Aluminium Mould for

Mass Production

Technology Overview

JAH Materials pioneered a proprietary surface treatment technology process, in which aluminium moulds can now be strengthened to an extent where it is possible to be used for mass production manufacturing, achieving significant production cost savings over traditional steel moulds.

The nano-coating process also imparts additional properties such as anti-corrosion, non-stick surface and generic thermal conductivity. Benefits resulting from this process include:

  • Environment Impact

      Achieve waste reduction and improve recycle value

  • Time Saving

      Reduces time on the process from prototype phase to production​

  • Cooling Time

      Reduction of cooling time of up to 40% per manufacturing cycle​

  • Productivity & Revenue

      Efficiency of the technology increases productivity and potential revenue​

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