The following are some of the technologies available from JAH Tech, ready for commercial applications. As we have ongoing multiple research projects in various other sectors and discipline, please contact us for more information.

Super Carbon Nanoparticles

Super Carbon Nanoparticles created from our proprietary process has been extensively tested with several unique properties identified. Further research is on going in multiple sectors such as Healthcare, Cosmetic, Medical devices and Pharmaceutical.

Material Enhancement

Material Enhancement - Strengthen existing materials or enhance durability of products that has added carbon to their forging process. This applies to many steel type components, Ceramic and other new materials 

Nano Moulds

Nano Moulds – Technology is now available for Plastic Injection Molding that will cut production time for each molding cycle by 30% or more for large components,  

Pollution Reduction

Pollution Reduction – Our revolutionary fuel catalytic products have been tested to reduce up to 50%+ of NOx pollution and up to 20% overall performance improvement from gasoline and diesel fuel, effectively reducing pollution and saving money for our users.

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