The following are some of the technologies available from the JAH Tech Group, ready for commercial applications. As we have ongoing multiple research projects in various other sectors and disciplines, please contact us for more information.



A novel multifunctional cosmetic active developed using our proprietary technology. It is composed of nano-carbon and comprises of natural elements that are safe on human skin such as carbon, water and sodium.

As a cosmetic active ingredient, SanitatemAlpha™ can be easily formulated into any beauty and skincare formulation or base such as, cream for daily moisturizing, medical cream to provide relief to skin inflammation, skin fungal, skin allergies, and facial beauty products.


Unitatem PRIMIS

Through our labs' leading edge research & development, we have produced a ceramic-alloy using our proprietary nanotechnology process, which emits a unique Unitatem PRIMIS field that helps with wound closure, promote wound healing and has anti-inflammatory property.

The durability of the ceramic-alloy makes it a suitable material to integrate into the design of health wellness wearables and beauty applicators.

QC10 Mold 1 Before Process.jpg

Nano Mould Technology

JAH Materials pioneered a proprietary surface treatment technology process, in which aluminium moulds can now be strengthened to an extent where it is possible to be used for mass production manufacturing, achieving significant production cost savings over traditional steel moulds.

It is now available for Plastic Injection Moulding that will cut production time for each mould cycle by 30% or more for large components.


Emission Control Technology

Emi-Guard is an Emission Control Technology by JAH Gaia that enhances the performance of various aspects of combustion engines.

Our revolutionary fuel catalytic product have been tested to reduce up to 50%+ of NOx pollution and up to 20% overall performance improvement from gasoline and diesel fuel, effectively reducing pollution and cost saving for  end-users.


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