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Climate instability increasingly threatens agricultural and aquaculture yields. An anticipated increase in population and dietary changes will lead to an increase in global food demand.

Having locally cultivated foods creates significant economic opportunities, healthier benefits and helps to reduce environmental impact, such as cutting down on food miles and helping in greenhouse emissions, thus improving carbon footprints.

Although it is a great way to utilize space for agriculture, urban farming can be expensive due to high land values, infrastructure, high energy consumption from artificial lighting and high-tech machines, and lack of experienced manpower.

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Unitatem CULTURA by JAH Tech is a unique field generated by our proprietary Ceramic-Alloy developed over 20 years of deep tech research. This field has been shown to provide enhancement properties to yield of stem cells, plants growth, and enhance growth.


A third party test on Stem Cell culture showed a 50% improvement in cell growth when Unitatem CULTURA was present. This test result shows possible improvement to the growth of plants and animals in farming conditions.


Our technology allows us to customize to any farming requirement without altering existing farm infrastructure.

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AGRICULTURE Application Stages of Unitatem CULTURA


  • Seed Enhancement - Pre-germination treatment of seeds to enhance growth potential.


  • Water Treatment - Enhancement of water used for the growing of produce.


  • Growth Stage - Providing our field in the presence of the produce as it is grown, either in the soil or water.


AQUACULTURE Application Stages of Unitatem CULTURA


  1. Improve Fish & Shrimp Fry Survivability – Increase the overall rate of the number of fry growing to maturity.

  2. Water Treatment – Enhancement of water use for the growth of aquaculture produce.

  3. Growth Stage – Providing our field in the presence of fish/shrimp to enhance their absorption of feed and nutrients.

  4. Feed Enhancement – Enhance absorption of feed for better results.

  5. Microalgae – Ongoing research on microalgae.  

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