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A novel multifunctional cosmetic active that can be easily integrated into any formulation or base.

Empowering Technologies towards a

positive, lasting impact in our world.


JAH Tech has a spectrum of exciting technologies with potential multi-billion-dollar impact across different industries.

  • SanitatemAlpha™ - A novel multifunctional cosmetic active composed of nano-carbon that can be formulated into any formulation or base.

  • Unitatem PRIMIS - A unique field emitted from a ceramic-alloy material developed using our proprietary nanotechnology process.


  • Nano Mould Technology - Replace Steel with Nano-Coated Aluminium Mould for Mass Production.

  • Emi-Guard - Emission Control Technology that enhances the performance of combustion engine.

Research and Development

JAH Tech is keen to work with leading research and development organisations around the world to further explore uses and applications of its technologies. Drop us a line and we can start discussion on possible collaborations.

Area of Interests:

  • Healthcare and Medical Equipment


  • Water Treatment – Agriculture, Aquaculture and Waste Water Treatment


Partnership and Licensing

JAH Tech welcomes companies who are keen to explore a commercial partnership or licensing arrangement for our technologies. We are currently looking at partners in various industries in Asia, US and Europe.

JAH Tech believes in building a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners and look to grow rapidly globally with them.

Contact us today, we are looking forward to hearing from you.



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